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Summary of Value

Why using world class Corporate eLearning Courses to increase your return on investment (ROI)?  

Efficiencies | Effectiveness | Profitability

We strategically partner with worldwide business e-Learning / digital Learning Management Systems (LMS) leaders and academic associates to create thousands of corporate customized  courses for the workplace. 

Why outsource your corporate training needs?

Things to consider;

  • Testing and validating your training material to understand your audience  
  • Believe strongly in a more capable workforce empowered by eLearning technology
  • Customized (LMS) right for your organization, then you keep ownwership.
  • Research has indicated many leading practices in selecting the right system and the right provider to optimize your eLearning courses is time consuming
  • Create value for your workplace, product, or service, not permanent operational cost.

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What Sale Event!

There are no Cyber Monday nor Black Friday sale events with us. We believe in providing a value added to your organization 365 days a year.  From time to time we present complementary training seminars and webinars for our potential and valued clients. 

Learned Clients

Our corporate clients are raving about us as our strategic partners provide the most value for their expertise. We have partnered with the brightest minds and scholars to provide training solutions through our marketplace of eLearning platforms from worldwide providers.

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No deals on learning

Running a holiday sale is not our thing, everyday is holiday when your corporate Human Resources are trained to maximize your earnings and profits.  Everyday is a learning day.

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Sharing Success

We continue to expand our network of Learning Management Systems LMS providers. We have reengineered processes to streamline our operations. We count with added technical expertise, course designers and developers, and instructional  scholars to reduce the time to get your most valuable resources, your employees trained.

Rarely Asked Questions (RAQs)

Do you want to build a strong business? Are you in need of training solutions for your organization? Do you own a business and have ideas how to grow your revenue or to reach a new audience using world class Corporate eLearning Courses? If either of these questions describe your needs, then you want J|W|Y, Business Enterprises and Associates, strategic partners develop your e-Learning ideas turn into a reality for your company.