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J|W|Y Business Enterprises integrate business strategy, corporate training, commercial insurance, business financing, and management solutions through business and management consulting processes to increase value and relevancy for businesses and corporations.  J|W|Y effectively guides clients through a systematic approach to business and corporate methodologies to optimize efficiencies, effectiveness, profitability and  workplace environment.  


J|W|Y Business Enterprises guides clients in business decision making processes, business research and development, and strategy by determining, acquiring, analyzing – synthesizing, and disseminating relevant business insights and data to mobilize organizations to effective action through the following functions;

Workplace Innovation

  • J|W|Y optimizes organizational performance through Work@Vantage® managerial solutions for clients to gain and maintain a relevant and competitive workplace.   

Business Strategic Planning

  • J|W|Y provides a comprehensive consult to help businesses and organizations identify strengths-opportunities-weaknesses-threats regarding their business practices to add value to their workplace, workforce, and customers. 

Corporate Training Development

  • J|W|Y creates business value by integrating corporate learning through OpusUS® , a suite of eLearning capabilities producing academic quality-design to corporate courses and eLearning products that will help organizations and their workforce get to the next level quickly and smoothly.

Business Insurance Advisory

  • J|W|Y mitigates business liability risk and operational exposure through the implementation of business insurance solutions in association with insurance industry leaders and partners. 

Business Working Capital Access

  • J|W|Y offers a comprehensive business evaluation with a complementary customized report and diagnosis of issues pertaining  business financing and capital investment needs. 

Value Proposition

                            We Build Business Strong Organizations!

     A Business One Stop Service (BOSS) approach!

     Access to Business & Management experts are a key to success. J|W|Y methodology adds value to business operations with the dedicated time and guidance stakeholders deserve to achieve their next level of success.  Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right business partner or a special managerial skillset, business risk assessment, working capital or develop a training strategy,  

J|W|Y is right for you. 

     Together we’ll create and refine your strategic business plan and objectives for long sustainable goals fueled by objective business research. 

                How do we add value to your business organization!

Valuable Offers Include;

  • Access to Business & Management Experts
  • Access to Professional Business Strategic Planning
  • Comprehensive Business Insurance Solutions
  • Business Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Access to  Fast Working Capital
  • Corporate Training Development for Management, Employees, and Customers

   "J|W|Y was founded for Business Owners and Corporations in need of strategy, training, financing, and management integration. Our products and services translate engagement metrics into actionable revenue metrics”.  J|W|Y Business Enterprises


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J|W|Y Business Enterprises is committed to your success

Professional Business & Management Consulting Practice by J.G. Yinat, Ph.D., Partners and Associates

EnterprisIO  | OpusUS | Work@Vantage® | TrainIO | FinancIO

   "I/O for inputs and outputs related to business enterprise solutions"   

          There are a handful of important business and management functions every business owner should know like the back of his, or her, hand. Understanding what these measurable functions are telling you will help you build a healthy, thriving, and sustainable business.

           At J|W|Y we have developed a system to ensure that the basic business requirements are addressed promptly at any turn during a business lifecycle.

          Reasons to outsource business functions to J|W|Y;

  •  To build a strong profitable business
  •  To develop solutions to existing problems
  •  Create  ideas to grow your segment of the market
  •  Implement a world class corporate training program
  •  Write a strategic plan of action
  •  Understand access to credit, financing, investors and working capital
  •  Mitigate business operational risk
  •  Train your workforce

           J|W|Y  Business Enterprises, Consultants, Partners, and Associates will develop business  ideas turn into a reality for your business.  We partner with worldwide business greatest minds and business associates to create thousands of corporate customized solutions for the corporate world which are linked to your bottom line;


          Together, we will draw from our experience and share our secrets and insights with you to add value with a visual Business Model Canvas;


  • Find the right technical team to help you achieve your Business and Management goals  
  • Reach your industry potential to optimize business effectiveness, productivity, and increase your competitive advantage.  

           We serve our business clients with relevant and valuable business research and development, comprehensive business risk assessments and mitigation strategies, working capital accessibility, value added management solutions . 

We are dedicated to total quality and dedication to your  success through value added to your organization not fees!

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Success and Excitement

          These are exciting times for business development, expansions and professional managerial solutions. Your organization will benefit from our combined experience, background, credibility, and insights we provide to integrate your workplace to a competitive powerhouse. 

       J|W|Y is driven by the value we create for your organization, 

Not Fees!  

      Therefore, your satisfaction is guaranteed because we will work for your business until success and satisfaction is achieved.

Credible Experience - Dedication - Background

        We partner with industry leaders and greatest minds in business development, business insurance, business financing, and corporate training to provide you with the most current and advanced set of solutions to fit your requirements. 

Our Strategic Partners are;

  • Experienced as business and corporate Management Scholars, Insurance Producers, Business Consultants, Investors, and FINTECHS.
  • Reliable, with background and discipline  of former career military officers in areas of Training Design and Development. Industry Leaders and Business Academics
  • Experts and credentialed in all related to the academic science of management, business research, organizational design and development, Business Scholars, Business Insurance, and Financial Advisors


EnterprisIO | Business one stop Services (BOSS)

Integrating Business - Management -Workplace Learning - working capital || We add business value not fees!


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A strong believer in the consulting process as the most effective way to tackle complex problems. We will turn data into insights, drawing out consensus, and driving change through pragmatic and sustainable plans. 

Applying lessons from 30+ years work experience in government, major corporaions and management consulting, strategic planning, and B2B entrepreneurship to the classroom. Creating business and management learning with the 100+ smart and ambitious business school students every year on the topics: Strategy, Business Research, Management Consulting, Corporate Communications, eCommerce. Let's determine your business requirements to match our capabilites to your business needs.  

                                J.G. Yinat, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, Business Enterprises

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                        Business One Stop Services (BOSS)
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