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In partnership with LivePlan®, We prepare for what is next!

In partnership with LivePlan®, We prepare for what is next!

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Welcome to J|W|Y Business Enterprises



J|W|Y Business Enterprises - To Develop Business Strong Organizations! J|W|Y integrates strategic business planning, capital investments, and corporate learning development,  with management solutions - business and management processes and business research and development services. Entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners add value and relevancy of their business models and corporate vision to attract investors, stakeholders, clients, and skilled associates.



J|W|Y Business Enterprises, a Virginia Business Trust, promotes business ventures through business research and development functions with objective decision making processes and due diligence to determine relevant business factors and data in effective business models  for Investments to meet Opportunities (IOs) with exceptional business development service capabilities.

J|W|Y effectively guides clients through a systematic approach to business and corporate quantitative methodologies to optimize efficiencies, effectiveness, profitability and  workplace environment.  


Proposed Value

Developing Business Strong Organizations!

Business & Management planning is a key to 80% business success. 

We achieve this in Two ways!

1. Through a Business One Stop Service (BOSS) approach! 

          The steps of getting started!

2. Through Professional Business and Management Consultation.

J|W|Y ’s  management science methodology adds value to business operations in all industries and business formations.  We add value to your business through a dedicated time approach and unique guidance  for all  your stakeholders. Therefore, we help you achieve your next level of success. We strategize business alliances with special managerial skillsets, business diagnostics, working capital accessibility,  and learning development programs.  


Strategic Business Solutions

J|W|Y Business Enterprises is organized to serve your business needs.

> Developing Business Strong Solutions through Business and Management Consulting

  • J|W|Y ConsultIO™ Strategic Business Planning and Workplace Innovative Solutions. Developing Business Strong Organizations by integrating business strategic planning to financial projections, preparing entrepreneurs for capital solutions, certifying entrepreneurship readiness for investors,  and providing a full range of business and management research and services through professional consulting. 

                 >Business Model Canvas®                 


> Creating the Framework of Opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Investors

  • J|W|Y - EnterprisIO (For Entrepreneurs and Founders) provides a comprehensive consult to assist businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations identify strengths-opportunities-weaknesses-threats regarding their business practices to add value to their workplace, workforce, and customers.  J|W|Y Implement software tools to develop and evaluate business planning processes, financial projections and strategies compatible to investment opportunities, business angels, venture capitalists, and government organizations. J|W|Y optimizes organizational performance through proprietary consulting processes for clients to gain and maintain a relevant and competitive workplace. 

  • J|W|Y - EnterprisIO (For all Stakeholders) offers a comprehensive business valuation with a complementary customized report and diagnosis of challenges and opportunities  pertaining tp business valuation relationship to capital investment factors.

  • J|W|Y - EnterprisIO™ (For Investors and Funders) reaches selected markets through qualified corporate (INVESTORS) and matches validated business entrepreneurial activity (OPPORTUNITY) engaging in raising capital sources and return on investments within the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.  

  • J|W|Y evaluates and facilitates three factors that appear to impact these investors’ outcomes:

  1. Due diligence time: More hours of due diligence positively relates to greater returns.
  2. Experience: An investor’s managed group expertise in the industry of the venture in which they invest also is related to greater returns.
  3. Participation: Investors' group that interacted with their portfolio companies at least a couple of times per month by mentoring, coaching, providing leads, and/or monitoring performance experienced greater returns.

> Developing Corporate Learning Development Programs

  • J|W|Y - AcademIO™ creates business value by integrating corporate learning through Work@Vantage® , a suite of corporate eLearning platforms producing high academic quality-design to corporate learning programs, measuring corporate learning relationship to Return on Investment (ROI), and links to remote eLearning solutions with Virtual Reality/ Artificial Intelligence (VR/AI) capabilities. We use a corporate learning approach to help organizations and their workforce get to integrate all business and management functions to quickly add value, efficiencies, and productivity.

Is J|W|Y right for you?

J|W|Y Adds Value

The bottom line to Value!

  • Access to Business & Management Expert Business Modeling
  • State of the Art-Professional Business Strategic Planning
  • Financial Projections
  • Comprehensive Business Diagnostics
  • Effective Funding Strategies
  • Access to  Investor's Networks
  • Entrepreneurial Certification
  • Corporate Learning Program Development